Sunday, May 2, 2010

Virtual Shopping Jaunts

Now, I enjoy shopping as much as the next girl. I like meeting friends at the mall, strolling around, perusing shops, snacking on overpriced pretzels. It's a nice way to spend the day.

However, I rarely get any real shopping done. I usually pick up a top or a pair of shoes or a headband, carry it around for an hour or two while agonizing, and eventually put it back. There is no rhyme or reason to my shopping, just an insatiable desire for stuff.

But as I begin my quest for a fantastic wardrobe, I know I need to be more careful about what I choose. Therefore, I'm starting out with a good friend of mine: Ebay.

I've made my list of sewing projects and necessary wardrobe pieces for the month, and I've made a couple of tentative bids.

A black pin stripe dress

A black Libertine dress

Black strappy sandals

A red bag

Black tights

I'm also going to hit up Target for a plain white tee shirt and jeggings. So, in other words, I'm getting a crap ton of basic pieces.

I've also planned three outfits I'm going to sew. One is this Anthropologie dress.

I think that this jersey from Denver Fabrics will do quite nicely, don't you?

I have also been inspired by the outfit from The Clothes Horse. I love the floral trim on the hem. I made an 18th century gown that had a very similar feel, just on a larger scale, but that went to the costume department instead of my own stock. It'll be nice to have such a pretty dress in my own wardrobe.

I also have designed an outfit inspired by Snow White. She's not one of my favorite princesses, but her dress is so iconic and lovely. I'm thinking a puff-sleeve blouse, a yellow skirt, and a navy vest, plus a red headband.

Now...where to find the money...

(By the way, I do commissions. In case you were wondering. Also, I am a poor newlywed.)

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