Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Today was a lovely, lazy day...so no outfit post. No sewing, no writing...no wrangling bridal gowns at the shop.

Kat came over and we enjoyed lunch from Panera and a movie marathon. It's nice to spend time with my friends without school or work interfering.

She introduced me to a game called Dark Parables: The Curse of Briar Rose. It's a PC search-and-find game based on Sleeping Beauty. It's terribly addicting, and I beat the easy level in a few hours.

It's very atmospheric and appeals to the logic side of my brain. And it also piqued my interest towards my ideas for a Sleeping Beauty-inspired novel. I've dabbled in it on and off since my sophomore year of high school, but playing the game gave me some great ideas.

Also, the princess will be named Faustina. I think it's pretty.
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