Monday, May 31, 2010

goals and ideals

Long time no write, eh?

Well, my trusty laptop Spock has been shipped out for maintenance...the screen wasn't lighting up anymore. I've been using P's computer instead, and I thought I might take a break from blogging for a while. But apparently I like blogging even more than I realized.

One of the main reasons I returned is because of this website. It was mentioned on the groupthink thread on Jezebel, and I checked it out of curiosity.

Oh my goodness. The Day Zero Project appeals to several facets of my personality- primarily the list-making and the constant need to set goals for myself. The theory of the project is to set 101 specific, attainable goals that you can reach within 1,001 days (or roughly three years).

I sat down for about two hours or so and hammered out a list that I'm reasonably happy with. It all centers on things I really want to achieve, and I think three years is more than decent time to do everything.

I'm excited. Really, really excited.
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