Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hey, Kids, I Cut My Hair

My hair has a long and storied history. It has been short...

...and long...

...and somewhere in between.

I've teased it...

...and curled it...

...and once wore it in braids every day for five months because of work.

Not to mention all the times I've dyed and highlighted it (bleach streaks, blonde streaks, red streaks, Little Mermaid red, ash blonde, dark brown...and one unfortunate time, jet black).

For my wedding in March of 2010, I grew it long and stripped all of the dye jobs out (poor hair).

But after keeping it long (and admittedly shaggy...I didn't trim it as often as I should have) for several years, I got tired of it and cut it off about a week after the wedding. I went to a little shop in Green Hills and chopped off seven inches.

That helped, but I wanted layers. Being a poor newlywed, I decided to break out my own scissors and give it a shot. First I cut my bangs so they would be thick and even.

Then...well, I wish I could say that I proceeded with caution and careful planning, but instead I took the scissors to my head with reckless abandon. I just kept cutting off bits until I had trimmed everything and cut in lots of flippy layers.

Although it was a scary thing to do, I absolutely love how it turned out. Plus, my hair curls really well now!

And a depiction of the aftermath:

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