Sunday, May 2, 2010

Portrait of the Blogger as a Young Girl

My sister posted some old childhood photos of us...I think we were pretty cute kids.

(And in case you were wondering, I'm older by four years.)

I'm probably watching Sesame Street while my mother tries to take a picture.

That was my all time favorite sleepwear. I called it my ballerina nightgown.

I actually got that same doll for Christmas again last year.

Yes, Belle was definitely my favorite princess when I was little.

I always loved reading...Lindsay liked looking at the pictures. Now that we're almost grown ups, I love to write and she loves to draw.

The first day of third grade for me, the first day of kindergarten for Lindsay. And more proof that Belle was my favorite princess!

My mouth looks funny because I had to wear an orthodontic piece called a frankel for several years. It was painful, but it meant that I only wore braces for a year and half.

So that's a handful of pictures from the past. Although I don't think I would want to wear any of the outfits ever again.

Except the pink dress. I might wear the pink dress again...

But just for fun, here's my sister and I now! This was taken at my bachelorette party in February. She bought that red coat at a thrift store, and that night two drunk gay men tried to buy it from her while we were at IHOP at three in the morning. She wouldn't let them buy it, but she did let the blond one try it on. It was hilarious.

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