Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday's 10: Life in Pictures

I haven't done a Thursday's Ten in months- and never on this blog- so I'm going to start back up again.

(I bet Lora will be surprised to see that I'm back...and from a different blog! Um...surprise?)

In any case, without any further ado, here's ten recent pictures.

#1: Me and one of my best friends, Erin, in the dressing room while we got ready for a performance of Beau Jest (I played the mama, she played the daughter). Please note the jet black hair, dyed specifically for this play. (September 2009)

#2: When one is bowling, one must definitely match their outfit to their bowling shoes. (February 2010)

#3: My onstage meet 'n' greet with the Beauty and the Beast cast. (August 2009)

#4: In my Guys and Dolls glory. I played General Cartwright (November 2009)

#5: Tasting cheap sake for the first time. Verdict: it tastes like warm bread dough. Yick. (March of 2009)

#6: Don't be fooled by my bridal getup. I am going to eat your soul. (March 2010)

#7: Bachelorette parties can be embarrassing, but the tiara makes up for it. (February 2010)

#8: Sleepovers are fun. Sleepovers where you drive to Walmart at 2am for coloring books are even more fun. (January 2010)

#9: Christmas caroling requires fierceness. (December 2009)

#10: Dragon Park in downtown Nashville is awesome. (February 2010)

I hope you've enjoyed this Thursday's Ten! I certainly did. I also learned that I wear my red and white polka dot dress way to often.

(Case in point: I'm wearing it right now. Coincidence? Yes. Entirely.)
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