Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Blackout 2010

I've been reading Already Pretty for probably about a year now- one of my first tenuous forays into the world of fashion blogging, and when Sally posted the idea for the Summer Blackout, I was intrigued.

Basically the Summer Blackout is a whole week without wearing black pieces- black dress, black pants, black shirts. Black shoes and accessories are allowed, as well as prints with black in them, but it's a challenge to go as far as possible within one's wardrobe without settling for the comfort and safety of black.

I want to take the challenge because I want to push myself. I have a couple of nice black dresses to wear to work, and some black tees that I wear on my days off, and since I work at a bridal shop where wearing black is common, I can already feel myself slipping into that comfortable realm. I'd like to stop that in its tracks.

I also want to wear brighter colors. My usual palette is navy, red, and white, sometimes with yellow. Occasionally I wear pink. But I want to wear some outrageous color, and I feel like this is a good week for that.

So I'm taking the Summer Blackout 2010 Challenge. Are you?

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